Shell Collection

by Mandy Mathieu

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I wrote this day 2 at the Hermitage Artist Retreat, and for you audiophiles - I really recorded the surf right here on the beach with my usb mic and macbook!


Shell Collection
Pickin' up shells like people
The first real big one
shrinks in size
compared to the next one
And so you go run around
searching for the perfect one
Because you just don't know
(No no no no no no)
yet how to be picky
And you just don't know
(No no no no no)
How to say No.

Then you might find that perfect one
That special one
You found the perfect special one
that ends all your searching
And you take this one home
to display on a shelf
or to place on a table
to be touched and admired
with anecdotes and memories

You found that special one

(But just wait cuz here's where the story changes)

Eventually, that shell blends into the background
It's forgotten or moved to garage
Cuz it ain't no longer the special one

Aren't we all just ghosts
Inhabiting these shells?
Until we have the guts to leave
Or we get so broken
We just can't hide?

So what happens?
Do we get another shell?
Do we grow to live without one
'Till we reach the other side?

You don't fall in love with a shell
You can only like it
You can't know it -
the creature is gone

You've got to learn to love it
when it's free and alive
and then you can learn to embrace
the mushy inside.

Otherwise - you'll just be
picking up dead
shells for your collection

I don't wanna be a part of your collection
Hey, you wanna live like that
with no souls attached
I don't wanna be a part of your collection

It's so easy to pick up a man
It's not a matter whether you can
It's a matter of whether you should

I don't wanna be a part of your collection


released July 31, 2015
Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar & Bass - Mandy Mathieu
Drums - Greg Kocis YT



all rights reserved


Mandy Mathieu Tampa, Florida

Born & raised in Chicago transplanted to FL.
This album fells the stories of two strangers who meet and share their addiction to toxic love and limerence.

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